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Award 2017 / Countdown / Under 7 Secs / Poke / Sunday || Scrambleshake

A MAZE. / Berlin Award Ceremony | 2017

I was commissioned to make a package of videos to play at A MAZE. / Berlin 2017 6th International Games and Playful Media Festival. The package contains jingles, moving panels for the speakers and performer(s) at the stage, award titles for each award, most of the shortened version trailers of nominated games, and other miscellaneous videos (welcome, good-bye, special effects).

I secretly (as my client gave me the full control over the project) made the concept, directed, designed, modelled, animated, and edited the videos. Music and sound design were created and performed by Daniel Rosenfeld.

A MAZE. Countdown Videos


I made short count down videos for A MAZE. to notify the last-minute candidates that the deadline for A MAZE. award games submission date is approaching.
The festival director came up with the promotion idea and commissioned me this first time in 2016 six days before the deadline. I employed the format of old Vine (6 seconds) in 2016. Then I used Twitter format (30 seconds) in 2017.

I directed, designed, animated, edited these videos and audio.

The Under 7 Seconds Challenge | 2016

Inspired by Inktober, I challenged myself to make micro videos under 7 seconds everyday in December 2016. A few months after I decided to make a compilation of selected videos from that challenge and some new micro videos that I made. Thus, The Under 7 Seconds Challenge was born.
This short film has been screened at Brand New Blinkers and International FRONTALE Film Festival in 2016, and at Calabria 66 in Barcelona as a part of Cinema66 screening series Non-Verbal Communication

I liked Vine.

POKE (Them All!) | 2015


Poke (Them All!) is a game prototype that I realised with 3 programmers (Xantomen Nemot, Maurits Laanbroek, Paul Quin) and a musician (Cedric Douhaire) at Global Game Jam Berlin in 2015. The videos in the link above shows how the game screen would look like. Samuel Haskell voiced one of the videos remotely in the UK.
The game uses handmade poking stick controllers and android camera caption system that recognises the contrast of images that the camera sees. With the controllers being recognised, players could 'poke' sprites inside of the game. We had an interview with

I took a part in conceptualising the gameplay. I was responsible for the artworks and made the videos in the link after the jam since it requires a special setting to showcase the game. I picked this project for this page because I like the nature of the project and this is something I would love to do again.

The Sunday Evening Show | 2014

A short animated film I made as my graduation project.
This film was my first film where I wrote the story from scratch and animated using the Animation Department facilities and recorded in the Radio Department in my university. (I did not study in those departments. So, everything was new to me).

I directed, wrote, designed, drew, downloaded public domain images, animated and edited this film with a great support by Sylvie Bringas. The lead character (who is not David) was voiced by Samuel Haskell; Davy Jones was my co-script writer; Marco Tacchino did some sound design; my father Yuji Nomi gave me some short sound clips and permission to use his song.


A parasitic egg-n-chill (and maybe videogames) event we started in Antwerp in February 2017.
The event started as a joke among friends. But somehow it expanded and we are now planning to do more. We are Lost Levels @GDC wannabes and want to conduct unconference. We are building a website for the event. A webpage for one of the past events can be seen here. The popular hashtags are #scrambleshake and #scrambleshake17

Thanks to Talk and Play (a recurring local game event in Berlin), I had a chance to give a short talk (?) about this project/event of ours. (this is my favourite photo from the event). I do not know if there is any demand, but I would be happy to do the presentation whilst I am young enough to utilise my energy and stupidity.

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